My Top 10 destinations around the World (to date) No 1

My Top 10 destinations around the World (to date)

At No 1

The Ice & Snow Festival in Harbin, China

This is a festival held in January / February each year at Harbin, which is 300 miles north-east of Beijing. The snow sculptures at Sun Island Park are fantastic but the ‘pièce de resistance’ is Ice World. I have never seen such enormous buildings that have been constructed and sculpted out of huge blocks of ice. The ice blocks are hewn from the river and each block has a light tube inserted inside and at night the sculptures light up, creating a magical “winter wonderland”.


I was there in January 2012 and it was very cold (-25°C), so if you are a keen photographer, make sure you take a tripod to get sharp images and spare batteries. Put them in your pocket to keep them warm otherwise you will find they have lost their charge because of the extreme cold.

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